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Online Gambling – Game Popularity

Game Popularity in the Gambling World

How do you know which games are the most popular at an online casino? Well, if you are the owner of one you will have pretty accurate data from your back office. That is just for one casino though. If you want a broader view of the matter you need to find statistics from a larger data set. Luckily these are often available from the legislating authorities; however, they will often be directed towards money earned rather than things like gametime spent or the number of players. We can still see patterns and make some observations, though.

Analysis of Data from iGaming Ontario

The iGaming Ontario data – from Q3 of 2023 – isn’t as detailed as the UKGC data but we can still get some usable information out of it. iGaming Ontario only handles online gaming so keep that in mind when looking at the data.

Wagered amount
Betting              18%
Casino               79%
Poker p2p         2.5%


Betting             26%
Casino              71%
Poker p2p        2.5%

While it looks like casino gaming has a bigger share of the pie than in the UK, that’s perhaps because the UK figures had physical store betting included which won’t be included here. In the UK about half of the betting was done in physical stores but we can’t assume that the same is true here, any Ontario people among the readers let us know.

If we then skip to the types of games played at the casino – taken from the full fiscal year 2022-23 data – we get the following picture:

# of Wagers
Slots                48%
Table, Live       32%
Table, RNG      19%

These are slightly surprising figures if we compare them to the UKGC ones. Notice that this is based on the number of wagers placed, not revenue, however. While I’m not sure about the methodology used, you place a lot more bets per time unit when playing slots compared to table games. A conclusion you could draw would be that Ontario players spend more time playing table games than slots, way more than in the UK as seen above. Like we said at the beginning of the article, gambling patterns change depending on the area of the world you are in, and this is a good example.

Analysis of Data from the UK Gaming Commission

The UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) handles gambling licensing for the UK and has quite a bit of detailed statistics available on their website. Let’s see what kind of conclusions we can draw from their data. Keep in mind that gambling patterns can be regional and that any conclusions we make here are strictly speaking just applicable to the UK. They should still be able to give us a good general view of gambling patterns, however.

Types of Gambling

From the data provided by the UKGC for 2022 to 2023, we can see that, based on the money earned on the customers, the major gambling types handled by the UKGC are divided as follows:


Betting physical + online       31.5%
Bingo physical + online         5.0%
Casino physical                     5.4%
Casino online                       26.7%
Lotteries                               27.6%
Other                                   3.8%

As can be seen, betting, casinos, and lotteries have a good, roughly equal, chunk of the market each. We are more interested in what games are popular on online casinos, however, and luckily the UKGC drills down in the statistics per vertical, so let’s have a look at what these more specific statistics tell us.

Gaming Revenue chart for UK 2023


Blackjack 3.8%

Card Game 0.0%

Other 5.0%

Poker peer to peer 2.3%

Roulette 9.1%

Slots 79.8%

Table Games 0.0%

OK, I don’t know about you, but those are some interesting figures. Remember that this is for online casinos only, and it only shows how much of the profit comes from each game type. We can see that slots are absolutely crushing all the other game types in revenue, and it is hard to see that that wouldn’t translate directly to playtime and player popularity numbers.

Roulette seems quite a bit more popular than blackjack, but this can be a function of the higher house edge in roulette, especially in American roulette. This is compared to basic strategy blackjack players though, and who knows how many of the players are using basic strategy well enough? It seems, at least in the UK, roulette is a bit more popular than blackjack.
I’m not sure where baccarat is placed in these categories, but in a survey published by the UKGC, roughly a third as many players said they’d played baccarat at least once in the last year compared to blackjack.

This Is the End My Friend

I think we’ll leave it there. We can see that, if allowed, gambling is fairly evenly spread between betting, casino, and lotteries. Among casino games, slots are king in the UK, and while not as popular in Ontario they are still popular. Table game popularity seems to be quite regional, but we’d require more detailed data to make any more substantial claims in that area.

See you in the next one!
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