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Do you love casino games where skill matters and you’re in control? Then blackjack is the answer to all your casino inquiries! Each card you take and every decision you make affects the outcome. Blackjack is the ultimate game for any strategic-minded individual who seeks to challenge themselves!

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The evolution of blackjack!

Blackjack has been around for hundreds of years and there’s good reason why it’s still around. The rules are straight-forward and simple. It may take little more than a few minutes to learn, but to fully master it requires a lifetime. Perhaps this is why this fast-paced table game has remained on the throne as one of the most popular and mysterious games throughout time.

Since blackjack evolved from its European predecessors into its current form, it’s been played in the same manner all over the world. Except for minor rules differences, the game has remained fundamentally the same. The internet, however, has opened up an entirely new world of possibilities for this strategic classic. It has enabled complex and creative versions that are simply not practically possible at live land-based casinos.

The perhaps greatest benefits of all when playing blackjack online are the following:

  • The great extra value in terms of bonuses and campaigns. These are literally free money!
  • The possibility to play innovative versions of the game. NetEnt and Felt Limited are both pioneers when it comes to bringing the centuries old game of blackjack into the future. Popular examples of “new blackjack” are Blackjack Lucky Ladies and Blackjack Switch. Apart from those there are numerous new kinds, all of which add new levels of thrill and strategic complexity for the brilliant-minded, challenge seeking blackjack afficionado.
  • You can choose whether you want to play RNG (automated) or live blackjack online. Both are faster than at a regular blackjack table at a traditional land-based casino.