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How to Win at Slots – Slot Tips and Strategies 

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How to Win at Slots?

The most popular game category at online casinos is slots, and naturally players would like to find a strategy that lets them win all the time. Can I supply you with a strategy that lets you win all the time? Well, no, but I can give you some tips, and things to think about, that, maybe, can improve your chances a bit.

Choose a Slot with High RTP

The first step to improve your chances at winning is to choose a slot with high RTP. RTP is short for Return to Player, and the higher the RTP of a slot is, the better for you. Most slots have an RTP in the 96% range, meaning on average the house will take 4% of your bet on every spin. Try to find slots with as high RTP as possible while still playing slots you find entertaining. The slot selection narrows the higher the RTP you want, and at some point you will only have a handful of options to choose from, none of which may appeal to you. Try to find a good balance between RTP and fun.


Just remember that a high RTP doesn’t mean that you will automatically win, the edge is still in the house’s favour, statistically you will still lose, but your chances should improve a bit.

Choose the Right Type of Slot

There are many types of slots available, jackpots, progressive jackpots, Megaways, regular 5x3s, single win lines and so on. These all have their own little quirks even if the general mechanics are roughly the same. Make sure you understand the types of gameplay that these slots provide before you go all-in playing them. A progressive jackpot slot will often have a lower RTP for example but has the chance for massive payouts that a non-jackpot slot just can’t match. A single win line slot lets you play with really small bets if that is to your liking. Find the type of slot that matches your playstyle.

While the above tip won’t increase your bankroll, the following might. Try to keep track of how the slot pays out its winnings. What part of the slot delivers the moolah? Are the winnings mostly located in the regular gameplay or in the bonus rounds? If the winnings are concentrated in the bonus rounds you need to adjust your play to increase your chances to get them. If it takes a hundred spins or more on average to get to the bonus round in the slot you’re playing, you need to make sure that your bet is set to a level that will give you a good chance to play for long enough to reach the bonus round. If you bet too hard you’re likely to run out of money before you get to the bonus rounds. These days many slots will allow you to buy the bonus rounds outright but we must warn you that this can lead to gameplay that is quite volatile.

Pay Attention to Volatility

When you are choosing the slot you want to play, pay attention to the volatility level of the slot. The volatility level describes how the payouts of a slot are distributed. A low volatility slot will have the payouts more evenly distributed while a high volatility slot will have more concentrated payouts. This influences the way you perceive the gameplay. If you’re playing a high volatility slot you might have a lot of spins with no wins. This happens because the no win spins are paying for the rare high payout spin, but if you never get that big win it might feel like your bets are going down the drain. A low volatility slot might feel better to play since you get regular wins but at the same time you will likely get fewer big wins so it might feel like you’re treading water. Both playstyles have their merits/flaws and implications on how you should bet. You need to figure out what style fits you best and how you need to adjust your bet level to accommodate it.
Win on slots
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Use the Bonuses Provided by the Casinos

The best online casinos will give you good bonuses, use them. A good bonus gives you an extra chance to win, which might be the added edge you need to have a winning session. Just pay attention to the terms and conditions of the bonus, there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid. I’ll list some of them below:

  • Locking your real money – Any bonus that bakes your real money deposit into the bonus and locks it with wagering requirements is best avoided.
  • Excessive wagering requirements – Bonuses with wagering requirements above x40 are hard to finish and are more added entertainment than actual value.
  • Max bet – Most bonuses will have a maximum allowed bet to avoid certain bonus abuse techniques. Make sure you are aware what the max bet allowed while playing with the bonus is and don’t exceed it or your bonus might get cancelled.
  • Games allowed – Bonuses can sometimes restrict the games that you are allowed to play while using them.
  • Wagering contributions – Due to the changing house edges in games, and how it affects how easy it is to finish the wagering requirements, some games contribute less to the wagering requirements than others. Some might not even contribute at all, check the terms to know if this is the case.


The best online casinos will also run tournaments and similar events, with added chances of winning prizes of various kinds. If the tournament requirements are low and the game you want to play is part of the tournament, you might as well join the tournament to get the chance for some extra reward.

In the End

As I said at the start, there are no strategies that can guarantee that you win on slots, because of course there aren’t, the casinos would go bankrupt in no time if there were. The tips above will at best improve your chances a bit by not missing out on the big payouts while at the same time lowering the risk of wasting money on the more common pitfalls. Any way, you should play slots for their entertainment value and not for monetary gain, but there is no harm in making choices that improve your experience, and hopefully let you play for longer

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